7 Apps Every Construction Business Needs to Utilize

No business in the world can truly operate with peak efficiency without the help of digital technology in this connected world, and the construction business isn’t an exception to that either. To help improve the quality of work and to make managing the projects easier, here are ten of the top apps that every construction business needs to utilize.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is essential for professional construction these days and Revit is one of the best solutions for that. Other good alternatives include Autodesk BIM 360, BIMxandNavisworks.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

The following are some of the main functions that the Fast Concrete Pad Calculator serves and it serves them well:

  • Estimated calculation of concrete and rebar requirements for a project
  • Estimated calculation of the costs of the project, related to the concrete, rebar and subsequent waste management

Roofing Calculator

Just as the name suggests, the Roofing calculator helps roofing companies in estimating the number of shingles, squares and bundles necessary for the job. The data regarding how much area the project is being carried out in will of course need to be entered first, but that’s pretty much all the roofing app needs to figure things out on its own.


In any outdoor construction, it is essential to have a weather mapping app like AerisWeather that warns their clients about upcoming changes in weather that might affect, delay, or harm the project in any way. This includes warnings against storms, heavy powerful gusts of wind, rain, snow, rises or dips in temperatures, etc. Aside from forecast alerts, AerisWeather also displays the weather in real time on maps to indicate the size and magnitude of the upcoming change in weather.


Truckast allows users to order ready-mixed concrete directly from the app itself and after the order is placed, it is possible to track the truck that’s headed to the construction site with the concrete, and also get an estimated time and date regarding when it will be there.


It is extremely convenient to be able to make rough technical drawings of the construction area with your finger, whenever you need it, so that’s precisely what this seemingly simple app brings to the table. Don’t worry about the quality because the in-built AI will assist in making those rough doodles a lot more useable than they would be otherwise.


This extremely useful app is specifically made for the bidding portion of the construction business and it works very well. SmartBidNet can be used to create and keep track of all the bids you have going at any given time. It is fast, has an easy to use interface and most importantly, this is a secure iOS application.

It is not that a business cannot operate without these apps, because technically, most construction companies can do that, but to not use any of these apps would be like going to war with bows and arrows when everyone else has automatic weapons! The competition will outperform and outpace you every time.